Video: Gymkhana 0.2 shows you don't need a rally car to be awesome

Since Ken Block started creating more and more elaborate Gymkhana videos we've all secretly (and not so secretly) fancied a go at doing it ourselves. Block's mix of theatre, colour, noise and obvious driving talent (though his rallying skills are a little off) are enough to keep us entertained for video after video.

But... Etienne Guerra doesn't believe you need a 600bhp+ rally car and mega-bucks sponsorship to look good behind the wheel. No, he thinks you need a 56bhp 1986 Ford Fiesta found in a shed, some Monster Energy clothing, fluorescent light tubes and liberal application of slow motion. Oh and a water balloon.

He doesn't mention anything about breaking into/paying for the land they filmed on, fuel or the cameraman's time, camera or editing skills, but that's assumed in the 'no budget' bit. Right?

After you've watched the video, we're sure you'll agree that these guys are heroes.

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