Kim Kardashian has fun in Dubai

Ceri Roberts
Kim Kardashian has fun in Dubai
Kim Kardashian has fun in Dubai


Kim Kardashian has spent the last few days enjoying the sights of Dubai and has been filling her days with shopping trips and camel rides.

The reality star was staying with her mother, Chris Jenner, at the five-star Atlantis Hotel and Resort and were being filmed for her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And although she obviously made an effort to dress more conservatively for the trip, Kim was as fashion-tastic as ever.

During her stay Kim visited the Dubal Mall where she signed bottles of her perfume at Sephora and opened the Middle East's first Millions of Milkshakes store.

Yesterday she visited a traditional dress shop where she covered up in an all-black burka, the traditional dress worn by many Muslim women and the niqab, which covers the face, leaving only the eyes on show. She then wore the burka and hijab, the black headscarf, as she left the shop.

And although she sensibly wore a colourful, floor-length kaftan for her camel ride, she teamed it with sky-high platform stilettos, which she even wore as she walked across the sand.

Last night she attended a gala dinner at At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa hotel, and today she is the guest of honour at a dinner at the Al Han Restaurant.

It must be hard work being a Kardashian, eh?

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