Hamilton struggled with massive understeer

Stephan Heublein

Lewis Hamilton didn't have an easy time in Korea. He was under pressure from Mark Webber for most of the time. "That was one of my best races ever, because the pressure from Mark was enormous. He was massively faster than me. It would've been so easy to make a mistake, go too far to the outside or make contact even, but I'm glad nothing happened," said the British driver.

He enjoyed the duel with Webber, despite the pressure: "He's a real pro and I love scrapping with guys like him," said the McLaren driver. Sebastian Vettel couldn't be caught. "The start went okay, the car still felt good, but it got worse and worse. I had no grip at the front, even though all my buttons were turned up to maximum. We set the front wing as high as possible when I pitted, but it was no use," added Hamilton.