Button disappointed with fourth

"It wasn't exactly a perfect race, but it was by no means my worst," said Jenson Button, summing up his performance in the Korean GP. He believes that a podium was never on in the circumstances: "I had no grip at the front and had to contend with massive understeer in the last sector. That's why I couldn't get close enough to the leaders to deploy DRS. I think I used the system only once in the race."

Button maintains that the mediocre first lap, when he fell back from P3 to P6, was not the decisive factor in his eventual result: "After the start, I had Webber behind me and I was just going to brake into turn three at what I considered the right place when Massa came up on the inside and pushed me out. As a result of that, I lost a lot of positions."
On his first stop, he found himself embroiled in a pit race with Nico Rosberg. Both drove into and out of the pits in tandem: "That was amazing. It's better if you come out of the pit lane second, because then you can use DRS. Nico and I were running parallel, then he braked and I crossed the DRS line first, which meant he was able to overtake me on the straight."

Button re-passed Rosberg later in the race and began to make up ground on the leaders, but he was unable to muscle in on the battle between Hamilton and Webber for second place: "It wasn't a great weekend for me, but it went better than last year. The race here in 2010 was also problematic; I seem to perform better on other tracks. So all in all, I'm a little disappointed."
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