Bugatti Veyron: a quest for perfection review

Back in 2006, Bugatti launched the Veyron, a car that redefined the term 'supercar' and I've been fascinated by this car ever since.

Sadly, I've never had the chance to drive one of the million pound supercars, but I now feel that I know this 253mph hypercar better since reading Martin Roach's new book on what could be the 'best car in the world'.
Roach is a number 1 ghostwriter and author with 5 best-sellers to his name. He has previously penned works on music, celebrity, sport and youth culture, but this is his first car book. You can see his other influences as this isn't structured like a typical car book.

Instead it's more a story of Roach's quest to learn more about the Veyron and ultimately drive one.

Along the way, he looks back at Bugatti's illustrious history and its more difficult modern era. He takes us on a trip to the top secret Bugatti Research & Development workshop in Germany and also visits both the factory and chateau where these amazing hand-built cars are made.

He also gets to meet the lucky owners, the engineers that managed to put 1000+bhp on the road and other key people who've played their part in this car's many achievements.

Whilst it might not follow the usual car book format, I found this book an interesting read with plenty of quality colour images. Even though I thought I had a good knowledge of this amazing car, I found there was still more to learn.

In fact, its unusual structure might increase its appeal to more than serious petrol-heads but car fans too. In these times of political correctness, there may never be a car like the Veyron again and for this fact alone, this book is definitely worth a look.

Check out the promotional video of this book below:

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