Arctic blast to bring snow and freezing temperatures next week

Kathryn Liston
Arctic blast to bring snow and freezing temperatures next week
Arctic blast to bring snow and freezing temperatures next week


Brace yourselves, winter is on its way with bitterly cold Arctic winds bringing snow and freezing temperatures.

The mercury is set to plunge to below freezing on Monday, bringing widespread frost to many parts of the country for up to 10 days.

Two inches of snow is expected to fall in the Peak District Pennines and Snowdonia with dustings as far south as Devon and Somerset.

Bitter gale-force winds could hit the north-west, reducing temperatures still further.

Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions, told the Express: "Next week we are looking at the first real taste of winter. It is due to cold air being dragged in from the Arctic. We expect widespread frosts and snow in the North which may come down as far as the Midlands."

Freezing temperatures on Monday are expected plunge quickly towards the end of the week to minus 4C in parts of the country.

"It will get worse and is certainly going to be the coldest spell of the season so far," he added.

The Met Office confirmed that below-average temperatures could last until the end of this month with more snow falling in the North next weekend.

It said: "Bands of rain or showers, occasionally heavy, will sweep the south-east next week, bringing much colder conditions to all parts. The showers will fall as snow over higher ground in the north-west, and occasionally as far south as Snowdonia and the Pennines."

However, the south-east is expected to fare slightly better, receiving some sunshine in between the showers.

Weathermen say temperatures will continue to fall over the next few weeks and warn of another big freeze this winter. Temperatures could fall as low as -20C with heavy snow predicted next month.

Paul Michaelwaite, of Netweather, said: "Maximum temperatures by the middle of next week could be in single figures across much of the UK. It will feel like quite a shock to the system after so much hot weather."

The long-term forecast is not good either. Snowfalls and below average temperatures are expected to occur in many parts of the UK from November through to February.

James Madden, long-range forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: "It is likely that temperature and snowfall records will be broken."

World forecasters World Climate Service said that a mini ice age could last for decades, bringing bitterly cold winters.