Time to hit the beach - again! Britain to bask in sun this weekend

Kathryn Liston
Freak heatwave to hit Britain this weekend
Freak heatwave to hit Britain this weekend

Famillies cool off at the Diana, Diana Princess of Wales Memorial fountain in Hyde Park - PA

For the second time this month, Britain is set to bask in record October temperatures during a freak 'heatwave' this weekend - so if you're planning a day trip or a weekend away, get booking!

The unseasonably warm autumn will see the country revelling in sunshine today and tomorrow. Sunday will be cloudier but temperatures will remain around 18C.

October has already turned out to be hotter than our dismal summer. Central England, the area between London, Bristol and Manchester, has enjoyed the hottest weather for the first two weeks of October in 350 years, causing hundreds of last-minute holidaymakers to flood many of Britain's popular coastal retreats.

Just two weeks ago, South Yorkshire recorded 30C, with Gravesend reaching a close 29.6C.

The recent balmy temperatures has also topped June's 14C daytime average and the 15C of July and August.

Night-time temperatures have also been warmer than usual, reaching 16C in Gravesend, Kent at 2am - four degrees higher than the average October daytime.

Today's weather in Britain is similar to that predicted popular late summer holiday hotspots such as Croatia.

However, this weekend could be your last chance to throw a sausage on the barbecue as temperatures will plummet from Monday and the weather will turn colder and wetter.

Forecasters also warn of snow in Scotland and frosts nationwide later this month, so make the most of it and soak up some sun.