Sony faces more security stress

Sony imageJust when members of Sony's PlayStation Network thought it was safe to go back and play, it looks like the hackers have been at it again. This time it has had to suspend 93,000 accounts but it says no credit card details have been compromised.
This follows a similar incident earlier this year in which 77m accounts were compromised. To give the company its due, it didn't make any rash promises about this never happening again at that stage and it doesn't seem about to sat any such thing now.


This serves to emphasise that everyone who puts their credit card details online is to an extent making them vulnerable to hackers. Sony is a non-trivial-sized company and if it can't offer better protection there's a chance nobody can.

Sony has put a note up on its site saying that the large number of customers with suspended accounts is pretty much a precaution and that only a fraction of them - less than 1% - will actually have had their details stolen.

Oddly it says the details were lost through some sort of third party. This is very peculiar because non-disclosure of details to third party sites is often a prerequisite for people signing up to this sort of network.

Have any readers been informed that their details are at risk? We'd be intrigued to hear any explanation given by Sony to its customers.
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