ML63 AMG... BMW X5M... Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Edition?

Infiniti has confirmed that its snappily titled FX Sebastian Vettel Edition will be going into production.

Originally released as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in Spetember, the FX Vettel Edition will dip Infiniti's toe in the watery pool that is the luxury SUV market.The prestige arm of Japanese brand, Nissan want to know if there's a case to create low-volume performance editions to rival prodcuts from AMG and BMW's M division.

With a 460bhp 5.0-litre V8 hurling the two tonne-plus monster from 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 186mph, there's no doubting the Vettel fettled FX is plenty rapid.

But at 2049kg Infiniti's engineers are going to have to work mighty hard to get it to handle with even the slightest hint of poise.

According to Infiniti Executive Vice President Andy Palmer, the latest FX isn't about outright speed or handling ability:

"It's about being able to do our equivalent of AMG or M Series, and we wanted to test whether the organization can cope with these types of special versions.

"This is one of the first versions that will go to market. Not as an IPL [Infiniti's own hot moniker] but as the Sebastian Vettel special version. It demonstrates we're able to do these low volume, very special versions and be able to charge a premium for that kind of work."

Whether the uptake of the FX Sebastian Vettel Edition will be as swift as the company believes, stealing sales from BMW and Mercedes in an already very small and cramped marketplace remains to be seen.

Outside of America the Infiniti brand isn't that well known and we wonder if people will really walk from their BMWs' and Mercedes' and into an Infinity.

We do like its aggressive four-square stance though!
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