Call for Sony Bravia TV safety check


Have you purchased a Sony Bravia LCD in the past few years? If so, the company is urging owners to have a safety inspection carried out after reports of TV sets catching fire.

So which models could be affected and how do you get them checked out?

There has been 11 reported incidents where sets started emitting smoke or melting owing to faulty components in Japan, but the company fears the faulty parts may affect televisions sold around the world. The models that could be affected have been on sale in Europe since 2007.

Sony is asking owners of affected models to contact one of its services centres so an inspection can be carried out. If found to contain the affected component, the sets will be repaired.

Sony does not have figures for how many of the Bravia brand televisions have been sold in the UK, but said it has sold 1.6m worldwide. The company denied initial reports it was recalling more than 1m sets.

"This is not a product recall and is not a case of switching over affected TV sets for new ones," a Sony spokesman said.

The model numbers that could contain the faulty component are KDL-40D3400, KDL-40D3500, KDL-40D3550, KDL-40D3660, KDL-40V3000, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40X3000 and KDL-40X3500.

Sony Bravia owners can identify their model number from the Product Information option in the Set-Up Menu, accessed by pressing the Menu button then the Settings Menu on the TV remote control. The model number is also on a label on the back of the sets.
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