Apple upgrades - to criticism

Apple iOS 5Apple started rolling out iOS5 to its mobile customers last night at 6.00pm - to a rolling rumble of criticism and carping about hanging phones, slow downloads and unreadiness with iCloud. Given BlackBerry crumbling you might think this is one of the worst weeks the mobile industry has ever had, and you'd have a point.
The Apple issues, however, seem to be resolving themselves for the majority as they try again to apply their new operating system to iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. The rush to upgrade to whatever Apple is pushing out at the moment is almost a tradition by now, and people insisting on upgrading immediately find the servers pretty much choked. There are fewer error messages around this morning.

That said, people are still reporting - in some cases - a loss of data including music and contacts.


The main thrust of the new OS - which will become standard on all Apple mobile goods including the iPhone 4S which hits the shops tomorrow - will be that it puts everything into the cloud, or the iCloud as Apple calls it.

The idea is that if you download some music (but not video) video to your phone or iPad it will automatically be available on your other Apple devices. Users with MobileMe accounts will find they are changed to iCloud; people like me who used a different email address from their MobileMe address to sign up to the iTunes store will now find that address is their iCloud address.

I've just tried it with a song and it appears to work. The iCloud will also enable people to share calendars, working documents and other stuff.

By all means this is catching up with quite a lot of what's already available from Android phones and devices. But better devices all around are going to benefit everyone - only next time, guys, could we have fewer glitches initially please?
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