Parliament's £9m budget hike attacked

John Bercow with wifeHouse of Commons speaker John Bercow (pictured) has signed off a £9m taxpayer-funded budget rise for Parliament. This is despite the National Audit Office (NAO) refusing to approve last year's accounts because of MPs' expenses worries and despite huge ongoing public service cuts. The £9m hike takes the House of Commons budget from £219m to £228m. How's that for setting an example of public cost-cutting?

Few house-keeping worries

Not great, as Emma Boon, from the Taxpayers' Alliance told the Mail. "It's disgraceful that the budget is increasing on the day the NAO told authorities that last year's accounts simply weren't up to scratch. It sets the very worst example to ask for more money at a time when the public sector as a whole needs to cut spending."

The latest Office of National Statistics reveals the depth of the public service cuts. The last quarterly set of results showed that 104,000 public sector jobs have gone - this figure is five times larger than the Office for Budgetary Responsibility had originally predicted for the whole year, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


But the depth of the cuts appear to not suggest any house-keeping concerns for Commons speaker, John Bercow. Meanwhile the Independent Parliament Standards Authority have also disclosed that 21 MPs have again been breaking the new expenses code, introduced last year.

John Bercow's website though assures his Buckingham constituents that he shall "strive every day to justify Members' confidence and to help to restore the reputation of Parliament."

Strive harder, John.
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