Mazda doing a less dirty Wankel...but not for us

Mazda's Japanese PR Twitter account has confirmed that the company is working on the next generation of rotary Wankel engines.

With the death of the RX-8 it was assumed that Mazda would finally concede defeat on the rotary engine too; Mazda is the only mainstream manufacturer to have persisted in utilising the awkward, oil-hungry engine configuration.
But no, the Wankel lives on. Roughly translated from Japanese, the Tweet said that "new models are being developed intensively with the next generation of rotary engines."

The engines will come under Mazda's SKYACTIV banner, which is basically the company's equivalent of BMW's equally syntactically questionable EfficientDynamics programme.

However, a Mazda UK person we spoke to said that the company has no plans to bring another rotary engine to our shores.

The RX-8 went off sale earlier this year in the UK, killed because of its inability to meet EU CO2 emissions regulations. For that reason, the new Wankel-powered RX-8 will be Japan-only.

Quizzed on the possibility of a non-Wankel new RX-8 instead, the spokesperson said there were no plans for one of those either. Just a thought.
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