Man who makes a living scaring tourists has 'Halloween phobia'

Ruth Doherty

Man who makes a living scaring tourists has 'Halloween phobia'
Man who makes a living scaring tourists has 'Halloween phobia'

Frankie's boss, Richard (pictured), says he understands his Halloween phobia is real. Photo: PA

A man who's employed to recreate macabre scenes from history to inform - and scare - tourists at the London Dungeon can't work at Halloween because he has a phobia of it.

And, yes, there is an actual word for the condition, called samhainophobia.

Frankie Spires claims to feel sick and breaks out in cold sweats at his job in one London's biggest attractions in the run-up to Halloween.

And his boss, performance manager Richard Quincey, has confirmed his condition, telling the Express: 'Frankie went pale and visibly trembled when preparing for Halloween.

'Now the rest of the team realise he is not faking it they are happy to cover for him.'

Frankie, who's happy to recreate gory scenes from history throughout the rest of the year, explained: 'I think it's the paranormal aspect of Halloween, the idea of restless spirits entering the waking world, that I find disturbing.'

And what Halloween experiences are the London Dungeon offering that Frankie has to be scared of?

For starters, Stingy Jack - the evil mythical character from Irish folklore damned by the devil and made to walk in darkness for all eternity with his turnip lantern - will be stalking the dark 'hellish' corridors of the gruesome attraction and could appear at any moment.

And Jack's lair is in a 'mirrored labyrinth' full of other horrific goings on this Halloween.

There's also three chilling rides to choose from: the Vengeance, billed as the 'UK's first 5D laser ride only at the London Dungeon - the ride of your afterlife!'; Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom, 'an adrenaline-charged "last drop" in the dark'; and Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell, 'a chilling water ride'.

So get booking at

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