Britons 'saving more each month'

union jack piggybankBritons are weathering the tough economic climate by stepping up their savings, putting away 12% more every month than a year ago, research suggests.

We are squirrelling £114 away each month into a savings account on average, up from £102 in September 2010, with men managing to save more each month than women.
Santander Savings' Snap Shot barometer found the proportion of people with a nest egg has also increased, with 21% of respondents saying they have nothing to fall back on, compared with 30% a year ago.

Overall, men tend to save around £132 a month, while women put £98 aside.

The average total amount held in savings is £20,604. Of those questioned, 43% hold a cash Isa, 14% hold a stocks and shares Isa and 9% have savings bonds.

One in four people plans to increase the size of his or her monthly deposits over the next three to six months - but around 10% will wait for the Bank of England's base rate to rise before putting cash away.

Savers have had a tough time finding accounts which will give them a real return on their savings in the light of the base rate, which is being held at a historic 0.5% low.

On a regional basis, those living in the South West manage to bank the least each month, with average deposits of £69.

Londoners are streets ahead, saving 57% more than the national average with monthly deposits of £179.

More than 2,000 adults took part in the survey, which was not just restricted to Santander customers.

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