Brits spend 64 days of their lives supermarket trekking

Caroline Cassidy

Few of us look forward to the weekly shop and it's only natural to rush to get it over with. But according to a new study, we're still wasting valuable hours in the supermarket aisles.

supermarket trekking
supermarket trekking

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The survey by Sainsbury's revealed the average Brit spends an average of 1,539 hours (or 64 days) wandering the local supermarket. And that doesn't include the time we spend searching for bargains before we even leave the house.

One in 20 spends anything up to 30 minutes using comparison websites in a bid to find the best deals (cheaper toilet rolls topping our list of priorities in the bargain hunting department) before heading out to the shop, begging the question, why don't we buy online while we're at it?

And a sizeable 47 per cent admitted they travelled to two different supermarkets each week in order to get their hands on those discount deals.

However, our search for the ultimate offer means we're often spending as much as we're saving.

Independent financial expert Alvin Hall told the Daily Mail: "Driving or taking public transport from one supermarket to another to look for the best deal increases the cost of the goods, even if you get them at the lowest price."

The good news is that all that supermarket trekking means the average Brit covers a total of 22,784 miles over the course of their lifetime... so at least we're working off some of those calories!

What do you think - will you travel further to get the best supermarket deals? Leave a comment below...