Autoblog puts Dodo Juice to the test: Part II

Perhaps not as conventional as say Autoglym in its marketing approach, but Dodo Juice has still managed to carve its own niche in the marketplace.

I enjoy detailing my car, but admittedly I'm probably not as much of an enthusiast as my autoblog colleague Alex Fisk. Still, as a firm Autoglym fan, I too was keen to see how a selection of Dodo Juice products would perform.
The company has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and Dodo Juice are now offering anything from waxes to tyre shine. However, I'm looking at their Born to Be Mild car shampoo, Rainforest Rub soft wax and finally, their detailing spray.

First up was the shampoo; this impressed me by just how little was needed in the bucket to get a nice thick foam and it had a sweet and almost edible smell (Dodo make a point of making their products with pleasant aromas).

The application was also really easy. I know this is true of all shampoos, but the Born To Be Mild Shampoo really glided over the surface without any hard work, even though the car hadn't been cleaned for a couple of months.

It dried off easily too, almost giving the wax already on the car a new lease of life.

Next up was Dodo's original soft wax, Rainforest Rub. It has a high content of carnuba wax to give a glossy shine and is mixed with Candellia giving it a softer feel, meaning it can be spread by hand.

Applying car wax by hand is a new technique I'd never used before and it is a very time consuming process. Still again it smelt nice, was easy to apply and buffed off easily.

I'm not entirely convinced that the result was consistent with the amount of effort. Yes, it was shiny, the paint felt smooth and there was a good depth to the shine. However, I didn't think it was as impressive as Autoglym's more expensive HD wax, for example.

Finally, I tried the detailing spray which came from the basics of bling range and claims to clean, maintain and shine.

It gets off to a good start with the trigger design which can be easily be locked to prevent leaks and the amount that comes out the nozzle is well controlled, although you do have to keep the nozzle fairly close to the bodywork.

Still smelling sweet, the 500ml pot looks small but you only need a little. I managed to do a whole car and hardly made a dent in this amount.

I squirted the detailer on to the bodywork and was again impressed by how easy it was to spread it out with a microfibre cloth, then all I had to do was lightly buff to a deep shine with the other side of the cloth.

So, was I impressed with all of these products and which would I buy again? For me, all have their merits, but the best in terms of performance and value for money has to be the detailing spray.

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Dodo Juice product tests
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Autoblog puts Dodo Juice to the test: Part II

Supernatural wax, Lime Prime paint cleanser and Clearly Menthol glass cleaner are all worth editions to a car cleaning collection. 

Though the Lime Prime is not a coarse polish, it managed to cut through a yellowy haze, with the passenger headlight visibly clearer after minimal effort. 

Lime Prime was easy to work with and gave the paint a noticeable boost in reflection, leaving the surface smooth and clean. 

Lime Prime was able to cut through some paint transfer leaving no trace due to it's 'micro-abrasive' formula. 

Lime Prime was easy to work with and gave the paint a noticeable boost in reflection, leaving the surface smooth and clean. 

The wax is very cost effective and you only need a tiny amount to do a whole car. It beads well and should last for months. 

The finished Volkswagen Golf.

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