Video: Idiot cleans Mercedes CLS interior with a jet wash

We all know about YouTube's amazing ability to highlight the twisted logic and downright craziness of certain individuals when it comes to cars, but this person takes things to a whole new level with his penchant for cleanliness.

Picture this: you take your brand new Mercedes CLS 350 CDI to the car wash, but aren't so pleased with the manner in which the attendants are restoring the lustre to its chiseled bodywork.

Therefore, naturally, you move to the self-service hose and take things into your own hands, attacking the Merc's crisply trimmed bavarian cowhide interior with a jet wash.

It's odd the lengths some people will go to to keep their pride and joy in tip-top condition, but attacking the inside with a highly pressurised jet of water is surely bordering on OCD proportions? And to us at least, the interior didn't look in too much of a state to begin with.

Since the newest generation CLS 350 diesel will set you back £49,998 before any options, you would have thought the owner in question might have just left it and stumped up the cash for a professional valet rather than his more drastic homemade solution.

Maybe all the recent talk of austerity measures in the Euro zone is rubbing off on the car world?
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