New F1 college to open: is this the coolest school ever?

Instead of the roar of highly-tuned engines, Silverstone circuit could soon be echoing to the chimes of school bells as a new college is set to make its home there.

Northampton University and Tresham College are teaming up to open one of the first wave of University Technical Colleges (UTC) at the home of British motorsport. Why there? Because this particular UTC is going to teach its students Formula One mechanics.

This means that a handful of the lucky 500-800 students may find themselves designing a future F1 world champion's car - think Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton - or end up working for HRT. Well, it's a start, isn't it?

While some government ministers have criticised UTCs for being too specialised - they are designed to teach more specialised subjects like engineering, manufacturing and construction and provide specialist kit to do so - Autoblog is fully behind this one. Mostly because the idea of maths followed by double suspension engineering sounds like our idea of heaven.

The first wave of UTCs, of which this will be a part, is set to open from 2012 onwards.

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