Government to introduce new £170 death tax?

Grim reaperDeath is going to get more expensive - by about £170. Whether you are burnt or buried when you go, the government is planning to grab an extra £170 from your estate via a new death tax. It claims the tax is needed because they want to improve the accuracy of death statistics.

Dead against it?

Crucially, it would mean the family of the deceased having to stump of £170 for all non-coroner related deaths before the person is allowed to be buried.

Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, but the government is making sure you will not only be certain of death but of paying extra tax when you go - and before you're settled in the ground or urn.

What happens if the family refuse to pay? Would you continue to be stuck in the freezer, like an abandoned car, sucking down expensive state-funded electricity? There could be quite a stack of bodies.

Grim reaper the tax collector

Funerals are already expensive enough: funeral directors' fee; pallbearers, hearse, flowers, fee for the minister, a headstone possibly and its upkeep, plus all the council permissions - a line of outstretched hands.

But now there's another one, direct from the government, and before the family can say goodbye. For those who can remember back to last year, the Tories got very animated about Labour's plans for a £20k "death tax" to fund national carers. But £175 is a bit less than £20k.

Next, prepare to pay tax on a birth certificate, so you can be taxed both ends. Taxed as soon as you draw breath, and taxed once breath goes. Only a matter of time.
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