Ford SYNC brings Jay Leno and Jimmy Carr closer together

Comedians Jay Leno and Jimmy Carr have played their part in US and UK relations with a joint gig – from Ford Focus cars 6,000 miles apart, as part of the Ford of Britain Centenary Tour.

From his garage in sunny Hollywood, Leno used Ford's Wi-Fi-enabled SYNC system to chat with Carr, who was parked outside the slightly less glamorous surroundings of the Corn Exchange in King's Lynn as Leno was quick to point out.
"I just assumed your career was doing better than that," mocked the US chat show host, "but hey, we all have our ups and downs!"

The duo used the signal to run Skype and video–call each other on their iPad 2's across the Atlantic and Carr was impressed.

"It's incredible technology. We're thousands of miles apart, talking on this thing in a car."

Ford's SYNC Wi-Fi capability works via an external USB broadband modem, which when plugged into the Focus's media system, effectively turns the car into a moving hot spot. The SYNC system can support five passengers and their Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices to access the signal.

Since the introduction of the Ford SYNC system in the Focus, Ford has fitted the system to more than 3 million vehicles. The system is currently only available on US Ford vehicles, but will launch in the UK next year.

Watch Jay and Jimmy in action in the video below.
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