Sebastian Vettel's incredible season

Stephan Heublein

Sebastian Vettel's second title in successive seasons makes him the youngest double world champion of all time. However, the Red Bull man has actually broken quite a few other records in the youth stakes. He is not only the youngest driver ever to have competed in a Grand Prix but also the youngest winner of a Formula One race, the youngest driver ever to have started from pole position, the youngest driver to have scored race points and the youngest world champion of all time.

What's more, the twice world champion looks set to scale even greater heights: Alan Jones, Formula One champion of 1980, has expressed the view that the records set by Michael Schumacher are already looking vulnerable to the challenge from his young compatriot. In his career to date, Vettel has had 19 GP victories. He may still have some way to go before equalling the 91 victories, seven world titles and 68 pole positions notched up by Schumacher, but at 24 years of age, Sebastian Vettel still has time.