Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel: "Just trying to catch my breath"


Between all the obligatory events after winning the Formula One title at Suzuka, newly crowned champion Sebastian Vettel still found time to talk to Autoblog UK about his success.

Sebastian, are you in a celebratory mood now, or are you too tired?
Sebastian Vettel: I've not really had time to catch my breath. I think it will take a while to sink in. But I also think that's a good thing. At the moment, we're just looking forward to this evening. This is a very special day for us – for the team and for myself.

I think the season so far has been a fantastic journey for everyone involved. And the best thing is that it's not even over yet. We still have four races to compete in. At the moment, it obviously feels like a big weight has fallen from my shoulders, but at the same time, we're looking forward to the remaining races.

At first, though, we didn't get the impression that you had shaken off any burden. It looked more like you were annoyed because you hadn't won.
Sebastian Vettel: The tension is obviously there, and you always tend to focus on things that have just happened. I think that today was not our strongest race. It was extremely tight. But as you saw, the top three ultimately finished within two seconds of each other.

It was a long and exhausting race, and I think that there are aspects that we could have improved on – question marks over our performance. The victory was by no means out of reach, and the final result was very close. Bear in mind that the other drivers were not just going through the motions out there. All in all, it shows that we are up there with the leaders, even on an off day.

Have you phoned your mother?
Sebastian Vettel: Not yet. In fact, I haven't rung anyone because I haven't got my mobile with me.

Sebastian Vettel defends F1 world championship

Sebastian Vettel defends F1 world championship