Fancy being a 'torturer'? Warwick Castle needs you!

Ruth Doherty
Fancy being a 'torturer'? Warwick Castle needs you!
Fancy being a 'torturer'? Warwick Castle needs you!


If you'd describe yourself as having a 'deeply dark and terrifying personality', you might just be perfect for a new job opening at Warwick Castle - as a torturer.

The historic tourist attraction, which was built by William the Conquerer in 1068, has put an ad out for a full-time dungeon worker.

The successful candidate will get full training on the Judas Cradle, Breast Ripper and Iron Maiden attractions to entertain visitors.

Bosses said that people who have worked with or around death, such as abattoir staff, may have an advantage, according to the Mirror.

Warwick Castle, now run by the Merlin group, gets around a million visitors a year, and makes a brilliant day out for kids.

There's even special spooky events running for Halloween, including the After Dark Scare Special, from 22 to 31 October, which includes creepy goings on at the Castle Dungeons and the Dragon Tower.

For more information and ticket pricing, visit

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