BMW 1969 Geneva concept 'runabout' sells for £400,000

Bonhams has sold a high-mileage, snot green runabout for almost £400,000 at auction.

But obviously you've already looked at the picture above, so you'll know that this is no ordinary snot green runabout...
It's called the Bertone Spicup, and it was built by celebrated design house Bertone as a one-off concept for the 1969 Geneva Motor Show.

Based on a BMW 2000 CS, unlike many of today's concepts, which might as well be fashioned from Play-Doh, it works properly.

The snot emerald green beauty has a 2.5-litre six-cylinder engine, and its name comes from its mash-up of body styles: spider and coupé. Geddit...actually, that doesn't really work properly.

Anyways, it has an unusual folding targa top and a two-seat interior decked in two-tone leather more brightly coloured than Del Boy's dressing gown.

During the '70s it was sold to a pair of Dutch brothers, who liked it so much that they used it as a runabout, racking up 62,000 miles in it.

Now fully restored, it's been bought by an American who, according to Bonhams, "has bought not only the car but the opportunity to show the car at top class American concours events for the very first time."

Or he could just take it to KFC. It's his car.
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