Snog on the Tyne: Newcastle named top place in UK to 'pull'

Ruth Doherty
Snog on the Tyne: Newcastle named best place to 'pull' in Britain
Snog on the Tyne: Newcastle named best place to 'pull' in Britain


Anyone looking for a 'happy ending' to a night out should head for to Newcastle - the one-night stand capital of Britain, according to a new survey.

Travel website revealed that 30 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed would head to the Tyne if they were looking for some bedroom action.

The Tyneside city received twice as many votes as London, with Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham making up the top five slap-and-tickle spots.

Anyone who isn't looking for a cheeky snog should head to Bath, which is thought to be the least likely place to pull, receiving a lacklustre 1% of the vote.

Wimdu boss Michael Riegel believes MTV reality show Geordie Shore may have influenced the results, telling The Sun: 'People are heading to Newcastle for their very own Geordie Shore experience.

'The rest of the UK can see Geordies letting their hair down, socialising and having a great time and they're joining in.

'Clearly this is the Geordie Shore effect in action. The figures speak for themselves. The rest of the country wants a bit of the fun.'

But it's not all about being naughty up north - Newcastle was also voted the friendliest place in the UK to visit, followed by Liverpool and Glasgow.