School's eco dream blown apart

Wind turbines in UK fieldPA

It may have been eco-friendly, but a Cornish school is counting the cost of blowing £55,000 on a wind turbine which now cannot be repaired because the company who sold it to the school has gone bust. As a parting gift, the turbine even scattered the school's sports field with debris.

Not so free

The Gorran School in St Austell was originally seen as something of a pioneer. The wind turbine, bought from a company called Proven Energy, which has now entered into administration, was supposed to power the school with free energy, allowing the school any surplus back to the National Grid.

But the 15 kilowatt turbine that Proven Energy provided was based on completely unproven technology.

"Proven Energy wrote to us to confirm the design fault," Sue Hawken, chair of the school governors told the Telegraph. "With that in mind we are advising owners to place their wind turbines on brake as soon as it is safe to do so."

Pioneer probs

Although it's had a bad experience, the Gorran school is not giving up on green technology. It will likely purse proven solar powered energy technology. More reliable.

So eco sceptics have another story to ridicule green power. Pioneering technology always throws up bad luck stories, and schools should be supported for giving such technology a go. It also sends a strong message about cutting carbon at an early age.

Let's not dwell on the primary school that was forced to turn off their £20,000 wind turbine because it kept killing passing seagulls who couldn't see the blades. Now that is cutting edge technology.
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