Even Tesco's boss thinks fuel costs too much

Fuel must be getting expensive when even the so-called fat cats start moaning about the price.

The chubby feline on this occasion is Phil Clarke, Tesco's chief executive, who's urged the Government to scrap the 4p per litre fuel duty hike planned for 1 January
Yes, that's another 4p per litre due to be added - just after Christmas when we're all still recovering from the expensive business of showing love through the giving of high-priced consumer products.

Even at today's average price (according to petrolprices.com) the tax increase will send unleaded to almost £1.40 per litre – meaning the most expensive forecourts will probably break the 150p mark.

Clarke's plea to the Chancellor to scrap the planned duty comes as Tesco reports its customers spent £750m more filling up in the six months between March and August than they did in the same period last year.

Quoted in The Sun, he said: "It wouldn't be helpful. I mean think of it, £750million, it's an extraordinary number and it's money that would have been spent elsewhere."

Of course, by "elsewhere" he probably means on Tesco Value tomato juice and stuff like that; Tesco's year-for-year sales dipped by 0.5 percent over the last year.
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