Mind the GAP as UK motorists face an insurance pay-out shortfall

GAP insurance, have you got some on your pride and joy? No? Well you're not alone, as 84% of those who suffered a write-off or had their car stolen in the past year didn't have it.

They were left with unexpected bills running into thousands of pounds that equalled a collective insurance pay-out shortfall of £619 million.
GAP insurance is usually seen as one of those annoying extra costs on new and used cars. It usually covers the difference between what the car's worth at the time and either the original invoice price or the settlement figure for any outstanding finance.

However of those surveyed, that fact that one in five adults either had their car vandalised, had an accident, or had their car written off; should make those without this insurance perhaps think again.

More worrying, in these times of financial hardship, is that one in five still had outstanding finance or a contract hire agreement.

Nancy Rignall, Head of GAP insurance provider MAPFRE ABRAXAS, said of the survey: "Our research shows that unfortunately the vast majority of people who have suffered a write-off or had their car stolen didn't have GAP insurance. However, after suffering an incident of this nature they are much more likely to recommend GAP to a friend than not.

There is still a lot of work to do to persuade people of the value of GAP, but by providing clear, transparent and easy-to-use products, we believe there is room to achieve much greater penetration into the car buying population."
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