Ginetta unveils hardcore G60

Small British manufacturer Ginetta has unveiled an all-new, hardcore G60 sports car. It's small, light and, as only 50 will be made each year, going to be hard to come by.

Based on the Ginetta F400 (formerly the Farbio GTS) the G60 is fresh take on the hardcore British sports car. How so? Well, it's carbon fibred to the nines and has been stripped out for better performance – it now tips the scales at a featherweight 1080kgs.

Providing the power is a 3.7-litre Ford V6 (the same engine that powers the Ginetta G55 racer) pushing out 310bhp and 288lb/ft of torque. Ginetta says the G60 will hit 60mph in 4.9seconds and max out at 165mph (given enough space and some cajones).

It's rear-wheel drive and aided by a Quaife limited slip differential, which means it should be fun in the bends. However you'll need arms of steel to pilot it – as there's no power steering.

The F400 may be related to it, but the G60 has a number of changes to make it just that little bit more performance focussed. These include a new ECU, steering column and rack, brake system, chassis, throttle, cooling system, clutch and much more besides.

Creature comforts haven't been forgotten, though. G60 buyers get sat nav, Bluetooth connectivity and climate control to aid their journeys, all accessed through a 7" touch screen on the dashboard.

If you want one, be ready to pay £68,000 and wait until deliveries start in February 2012. The G60 might be the car to make you rethink picking up a new Lotus Exige.
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