Ecommerce traders surge in confidence

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People selling goods by e-commerce are surprisingly confident about their prospects over 2012, with 94% of them believing their business will grow 1% or more. The research comes from eCommera, and is a marked contrast to the apparent trajectory of the economy overall. That said, the e-businesses are also making a series of complaints.
The inhibitors to growth the survey reports are as follows: 73% fear their business has a lack of skills and resources, while 59% felt there was a misalignment between functions. 54% felt the senior management team didn't really understand the ecommerce arena while 48% said understanding the data was difficult and this inhibited decision making, while 47% suffered a lack of appropriate tools and technologies.

High Street
The growth projections, if they happen, are impressive and bode well for the sector in an economy which - whilst not actually in recession - has a way to go before it reaches the size it was only a couple of years ago.

The snag is that it's still a comparatively small sector compared to the High Street, and that's really falling off a cliff. Smaller shops are suffering more than ever as buying patterns change - not since the advent of the supermarkets in the 1960s has the face of individual buying altered so much.

Inevitably the ecommerce sites are growing but you have to ask how this is happening when the economy isn't doing so. The obvious answer is that they're only growing because customers are abandoning the bricks and mortar businesses in their favour.

So it's a change and a bit of evolution - but perhaps neutral news rather than anything particularly positive about actual growth.
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