Video: Man jailed after JCB rampage caught on tape

A man who thought it would be a good idea to drive a stolen JCB over everything that got in his way has been jailed.

Steven Regan, 34, has been sent down for four and a half years for his digger-inspired rampage earlier this year in Nottinghamshire.
Regan stole the JCB from a Barratt Homes construction site in Mansfield and began a joyride covering roads, fields and a cemetery, where he ploughed through gravestones, causing an estimated £15,000 worth of damage.

He eventually ground to a halt because of a flat tyre and it was then that the law caught up with him, including a particularly enthusiastic police dog.

Sentencing Regan, Nottinghamshire Crown Court heard that the incident was the latest in a string of vehicle thefts and bouts of criminal damage, and that he'd driven the JCB like "a man possessed".

Have a look at the police helicopter footage below and make up your own mind.
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