Citroen gives away free fuel for a year

Citroen is giving away free fuel for one year to buyers of the C1, C3, C3 Picasso, C4, and C4 Picasso.

The offer involves giving the buyer a preloaded Mastercard, the amount of which is determined by the average economy of the model bought.
It's an offer that makes for snappy headlines, but similar to Vauxhall's 'lifetime warranty', there are some mood-dampening terms and conditions to sift through.

The value on the card is calculated based on 10,000 miles per year, up to a maximum of £1,522. So, while it might feel nice to be filling up without the current account taking a hit for a while, the offer's monetary value should be taken in the context of the discount any Citroen buyer should expect to receive.

Still, free fuel is everyone's favourite type, and Citroen's latest wave of cars boast some highly impressive fuel economy ratings. The C4 1.6 HDi diesel, for example, returns 67.3mpg combined, while the C3 1.4 HDi achieves 74.3mpg, with its 99g/km CO2 emissions figure making the tax disc free of charge.
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