Poland the latest property hotspot

HousesBritons seeking property abroad have lost interest in Portugal but are piling into Poland.

Portugal's economic woes have put off would-be property hunters, a survey by property company Rightmove and foreign exchange company Moneycorp found.
But internet searches for some areas in Poland soared by almost 60% in August, with German and French properties also attracting a lot of interest.

Spain still remains the country for which there are the most property searches, followed by France, America and Italy.
Moneycorp senior currency analysts Olann Kerrison said a possible reason for the increase in interest in German and French properties was the fact that the two countries had "led the way in addressing the debt crisis".

Overall, there was an increase in interest in property worldwide in August, with South Africa's Western Cape and the American state of Florida featuring among the high risers.

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