Pedal my Porsche: £5k 911 pushbike unveiled

Porsche has given cyclists the opportunity to become even more irritating* to vitriolic car drivers by releasing a pair of extremely expensive pushbikes. One of them costs £5,000.

The Porsche Bike S and Porsche Bike RS are "inspired by the company's GT road car department," which is responsible for the most hardcore stuff that Porsche does, including recently the sensational 911 RS 4.0.
That spuriously makes these a pair of 911 pushbikes, although we don't know whether the GT department had anything to do with developing them; a great car engineer does not necessarily a great bike maker, erm, make.

At a mere £2,999 the Porsche Bike S is the cheapskate version. It has an aluminium frame, carbon fibre front forks and a double-clutch 11-speed Shimano gearbox. It also has low rolling resistance tyres to reduce CO2 emissions make your legs seem a bit faster.

But at 11kg heavy it's a right porker compared to the Porsche Bike RS, which is 9kg, making it quite easy to pick up.

The RS is so light because of its carbon fibre frame, and it has a 20-speed Shimano gearbox that is, apparently, "tried and tested by competitors worldwide." It costs £4,999 – about the price of a three-year-old Nissan Note.

Head to a Porsche dealership now if you want one.

*We are in no way condoning rage against cyclists on the road, be they on a Porsche pushbike or a Penny Farthing.
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