"Here's our Soul, it's new" says Kia

Kia has only gone and done a facelift on the Soul. The car that no owner can resist referring to as "our Soul" is now a little quicker, a little cleaner and a little better looking.

So a fairly standard midlife revision, then. Kia's penchant for making special editions continues with Hunter and Quantum editions (previous ones have included the Burner and the Searcher), while the standard trim levels are named 1 and 2. Simple.
No prizes for guessing that the front and rear lights get a re-draw, and the bumpers are fiddled with to make the car look lower and wider – a common facelift trick these days.

There are new alloy wheel designs, new seat cloth and some tweaks to the dashboard to make it both more intuitive and better to look at.

Efficiency improvements come by way of standard adoption of a six-speed manual transmission, and the old four-speed auto has gone in favour of a six-ratio one too.

The 1.6-litre diesel engine is modified, now developing 126bhp and both quicker and more economical than the old diesel version; it returns 57.6mpg and hits 60mph in 10.3 seconds. It follows that CO2 drops, from 137g/km to 129.

Standard spec on a 1 car includes air con, Bluetooth, electric windows, six airbags and remote central locking.

Should you decide to go for a number 2, however, you'll be treated to 16-inch alloy wheels, folding mirrors, different interior cloth and...that's it actually.

The aforementioned specials (whose names make them sound like they should be wearing leotards and fighting with estate agents inside a Birmingham arena in the '90s) get metallic paint, LED daytime running lights, window tints and a boot full of subwoofer, innit.

Prices start from £12,495 for a 1.6 petrol 1, to £17,795 for a diesel Quantum with an automatic.

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