ISP ads to be toughened

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are going to have to start advertising more carefully and making fewer wild claims. In fact if 10% of their customers can't reach the speed they advertise then they will have to pull the ad
The ruling is from the Committees on Advertising Practice, which set the standards for adverts. As of April next year ISPs will be urged to advertise typical rather than maximum speeds and only state the maximum if t least 10% of the customers can get them.

The ruling follows many complaints and also suggestions that customers aren't getting the speeds they pay for. One ISP was found advertising 20MBps and in fact delivering around 6.8MBps.

All of which is technically correct marketing hooey anyway in my view. Do you know at what speed you downloaded this page to view this article? Of course you don't, there's no reason you should. Do you know at what speed movies become viewable if they're streaming from something like BBC iPlayer?

I would love to see some sort of ruling that says instead of advertising speeds comprehensible only by the technorati, ISPs were forced to advertise speeds like "Good for real-time email but not so much for video", "Great for large downloads but speed a bit variable so video streaming might stammer a bit". People would actually understand what the companies were promising to deliver.

Too small
And what's this service you can advertise at a given speed when nine out of ten of your customers can't get it? 10% is a ludicrously low sample, and suggesting you can advertise something as if it's typical when only that amount can actually receive it is ridiculous.

Something needed to be said and done to toughen some of the restrictions on claims ISPs can make to their customers. This, I suggest, wasn't it.
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