Introducing Tango, London Zoo's rare baby monkey

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Baby ginger monkey at London Zoo
Baby ginger monkey at London Zoo

London Zoological Society

Meet London Zoo's newest arrival, a bright orange monkey born to black-furred parents.

These amazing rare Francois langurs are born ginger and then turn black in the first few months of life.

The bouncing baby primate was born at the zoo earlier this month to mum Lu Lu (pictured) and dad Neo.

'Tango', who has has yet to be sexed, spends most of its time cuddling up to mum.

Zookeper Kathryn Saunders told the PA: 'Baby Tango won't actually be ginger for very long. Its fur will begin to darken at around three months. They are usually completely black by the time they are six months old'.

Francois langurs are one of the world's rarest monkeys, native to small areas of Vietnam and China. They are now classed as critically endangered, as numbers are now down to under 2,000 because of loss of habitat.

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