Chris Evans + Lotus = epic photo opportunity

Chris Evans is no stranger to publicity – the man can't even turn up late for work without everyone getting all bent out of shape about it. And with Lotus possessing an unparalleled ability to conjure up some of the most baffling PR stunts ever, it's inevitable that when the two come together, there's gonna be a photographer.

Having announced that it would be donating a quite peculiar Evora Freddy Mercury Edition to be auctioned for the late Queen singer's HIV AIDS charity, the company must have been rubbing its hands together when the winning bidder turned out to be the UK's most famous ginger (car) nut.
We spoke to Lotus this morning, and it turns out that the Freddie Mercury Edition was knocked up in Paintbrush (or whatever it is car designers have on their Macbooks), with the winning bidder actually given the choice to spec his or her Evora in any way they fancy.

So the orange Evora you see in the picture above is probably just a not-so-subtle hair-based juxtaposition; Evans' car hasn't been made yet.

And as it happens he's decided to have the Paintbrush version anyway, with no changes at all, meaning speccing up the car was a four-word process: "I'll have that one."
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