Aquatic caravan ready to cause North Sea tailbacks

A German company has invented a caravan suitable for both land and sea; sailors are now expecting Sunday afternoon tailbacks stretching hundreds of nautical miles.

The aquatic caravan is called the Sealander, and it raises the delicious possibility of a holiday spent trapped in a small box bobbing up and down on the North Sea.
The interior is modular, and can be equipped as either a kitchen or bedroom – or a combination of both, like a central London bedsit.

On the road it can be towed like a normal caravan, equipped with two wheels, but in the water it utilises a small electric outboard motor to get about.

Conceived by German industrial designer Daniel Straub during his university degree, the Sealander is made using plastic reinforced with glass fibre.

After two years in development it is ready to go into production, and will cost from around £13,000.

Straub said: "I desire to develop new products that offer really new applications and create new possibilities. Mobile dwellings have fascinated me my whole life. Therefore, the idea grew to develop a dwelling which can be used equally on land as well as water."

Find out more in the video below.
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