Video: World's fastest sofa cracks 100mph

In the pantheon of world record holders, the prolific Alastair Galpin (whose achievements include number of gloves put on one hand in a minute, and number of candles lit inside the mouth) isn't held in as much esteem as Usain Bolt.

But we reckon the guy in this video should be, because everybody knows that sitting on a sofa is much better and more popular than running – and in this case it's faster, too.
Glen Sutton has broken the world's fastest sofa record with a speed of 101mph. And, by the look of things, the world's fastest office desk record too; brings new meaning to the phrase 'hot-desking'.

Powered by a Suzuki motorbike engine, the sofa is the creation of Evolution Motorsport, who used the desk as an aerodynamic body kit to regulate airflow for greater speed and stability. Nice.

Australian Sutton has taken the record from Brit Marek Turowsk, meaning the UK has lost one of its most distinguished accomplishments to the Aussies.

Oh well...*insert something about cricket here*

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