'Original Del Boy' splashes £35k on DE11 BOY plate

Je suis plaque minéralogique! Remember we told you plonkers about how DE11 BOY was going for sale at auction, innit?

Well, even though the DVLA thought it would only make six monkeys (£3,000), some plonker's only gone and spent 35 grand on it.
Chris Dawson is the wally geezer that's thrown all that bunse into a private reg, but he still thinks it's a pukka investment.

The entrepreneur prides himself on being a real-life Del Boy, having started out as a market trader before becoming a multi-millionaire when he found the mythical lesser watch in his garage and sold it at auction...

...that didn't really happen. He made his fortune by building up a chain of household stores.

Chris was in Marbella closing a property deal during the DVLA auction, so he bought it on the blower from there. The final sale price was exactly £35,330.

"I just couldn't resist buying it," he said. "Those who know me know I'm always up for a laugh and, well, my reputation as the original Del Boy is well known. It's the perfect investment."

That's Chris on the left of the picture above, standing next to the UK's leading David Jason lookalike – who is spookily similar, you'll agree.

Interestingly enough, the picture wasn't taken to go with this story but for an earlier publicity stunt for Chris's company – as if to prove his 'original Del Boy' claims. Mange tout, fella, mange tout.
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