Mystery as rare whale found beached in a field in Yorkshire

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Beached whale in Yorkshire
Beached whale in Yorkshire


Marine experts say they are baffled by the discovery of a rare breed of whale which was found dead 800 yards from the shoreline of the Humber Estuary.

The baby whale, which measured 10 metres long, believed to be a Sei, was found in salt marshes near the village of Skeffling. It is believed that it became stranded in shallow waters and the outgoing tide left it behind.

This summer, the area has seen an increase in the number of sightings of whales, possibly because of a change in sea currents, and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has spent the past few months monitoring the area.

Experts who examined the mammal said they believed the female Sei whale was probably looking for food when the tide turned.

Earlier this month, a young Fin whale (a relative of the Sei) became stranded in East Lincolnshire, and in August, a huge fin whale measuring 16 metres was washed up on a beach in Lynmouth, Devon.

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