Video: Traffic calming, angry Russian woman style

A group of ballsy Russian women have decided to take traffic calming into their own hands – by standing in front of moving cars.

With chivalry apparently an outmoded concept in Russia, most of the women in this video seem willing to risk physical harm for their cause; Russian men have no prejudices when it comes to screaming at/driving into whoever is in front of their car.
The gung-ho ladies are part of a group called StopHam, whose aim is to prevent shortcutting drivers from using pathways.

The group's tactics include spraying their cars with fire extinguishers, putting giant stickers on car bonnets and, evidently, using ladies as angry human bollards. All while filming.

Hit 'cc' under the video below for English subtitles. If you do, you'll see that 'ppp-pp-p-p-pp-ppp' is Russian for 'vroom-vroom'. Bet you didn't know that.

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