US looks into HTC Apple complaint

HTC phonePA

Smartphone maker HTC has reached the next stage in its lawsuit against Apple for illegal use of technology. America's International Trade Commission will now investigate it seriously, adding to the embarrassingly long list of lawsuits just about every smartphone maker seems to be fighting right now.
This will be the third suit HTC has filed against Apple. Apple, meanwhile, is widely expected to launch the iPhone 5 on Monday so we can expect lawyers to be poring over that as well to see whether there is any mileage for courtroom drama when it emerges.

Apple is also suing other companies that make Smartphones, including HTC itself and Samsung, to try to get them to stop producing the things. Briefly it stopped sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Europe.

This time around HTC claims Apple is infringing on Smartphones, tablets and ordinary computers and has asked that the US stops importing the relevant products (which, although made by an American company, are manufactured elsewhere).

So far nobody has sued Amazon for the new tablet it announced today but then it's only been confirmed for a few hours. This blogger at least is convinced, sadly, that it'll just be a matter of time. Then when it's all settled maybe they can all start competing on whose product is best for the money.
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