Big up the new Skoda Citigo

The tiny bundle of green you see above is the brand new Skoda Citigo, which is the Czech company's version of the recently unveiled <a href="">Volkswagen Up</a>.

It should undercut the VW when it goes on sale in 2012, starting from around £7,000, and it happens to be Skoda's first ever city car.
As you can see it's a three-door, and while it shares almost everything with the VW donor car, it has a unique face and, actually, is fractionally longer and wider than the Up.

The cabin architecture and boot space will be almost identical though, as will Seat's version, which is yet to be announced formally but which we're expecting imminently; Seat obviously didn't buy Volkswagen as nice a Christmas present as Skoda did last year.

At first there'll be two engines available, both three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol units, with either 59bhp or 74bhp. The former returns 62.8mpg, while the latter fares slightly worse with 60.1mpg.

Skoda says there'll be another pair of "highly economical green engines" later, too, with economy in the high 60s. It sounds like they'll be diesel, with both slipping under the magic 100g/km CO2 emissions mark.

Technology includes a natty touch screen portable sat nav unit, including a video link to the parking sensors (because this thing must be a beast to park), and Bluetooth.

It also has automatic low speed braking, using sensors to detect an imminent crash below 18mph and applying the brakes when the driver is just too tardy.
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