Tiredness kills. Take a nap. Get £50 fine.

We've all passed those 'tiredness kills, take a break' signs on the motorway. It's sensible advice.

So imagine taking said advice, because you're so tired that you're worried you might fall asleep at the wheel, then getting fined £50?
It happened to Michael Orr. Michael didn't realise that breaks taken at motorway service stations are limited to two free hours, apparently.

He was driving between London and Cornwall, and at about 2am decided he was getting dangerously tired, so he pulled into a Moto service station near Exeter. He took a three-hour nap.

A few weeks later Moto sent him a parking fine because he'd gone an hour over the two-hour free limit while sleeping.

The AA has slammed the fine, with a spokesman telling The Telegraph it is "barking," and that "a tired driver is a hazard and if they have the sense [to pull over and sleep] they should not be penalised for doing so."

Around one in five motorway crashes are attributed to tiredness.

Despite Moto rescinding the fine on appeal, it defended the issue of the ticket in the first place, with a spokesperson saying: "It is not the purpose of motorway services to provide long term free parking for the general public."

The spokesperson added: "Mr Orr chose to ignore the signs and failed to make us aware of the reasons why he had overstayed on the site despite all the signage."

But at 2am a tired driver is unlikely to wish to seek out a Moto worker to seek permission for a short nap, which is why some believe the two-hour limit should be scrapped at night.
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