Lesbian actress thrown off plane for kissing her girlfriend

Lesbian actress thrown off plane for kissing her girlfriendGetty

American actress, Leisha Hailey, has claimed she's been a victim of homophobic discrimination after she and her girlfriend were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight.

The former The L Word star laid into the airline through a stream of Twitter messages claiming she and a girlfriend were thrown off a flight for kissing in public.

Hailey, 40, tweeted that a flight attendant told her that Southwest 'was a family airline and kissing was not ok' and that she and girlfriend were 'escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue'.

'Southwest Air endorses homophobic employees,' the actress tweeted. 'Since when is showing affection toward someone you love illegal? I want to know what Southwest Airlines considers a family.'

Hailey, who starred as bisexual magazine writer Alice in The L Word, also tweeted: 'Boycott Southwest Air if you are gay. They don't like us.' She also went on to demand a public apology.

According to the Daily Mail, Southwest Air issued a statement saying initial reports it received about the incident 'indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behaviour as excessive'.
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