Hitler was caught speeding...and blamed someone else

A 1931 speeding ticket found among papers in a Bavarian archive was issued to Adolf Hitler – but he got out of a driving ban by blaming someone else.

The future Fuhrer said that it was his driver, Julius Schreck, who was speeding at the time, doing a reckless 34mph – twice the speed limit at the time.
Hitler's Mercedes was clocked by two police officers using stopwatches, who timed him over a 200m run and decreed he was speeding. At that speed, he should have been banned.

Hitler was clocked in a little village north of Munich called Baar-Ebenhausen, and the ticket was passed on to Berlin's police to see who owned the car.

When Hitler came back as the owner he was sent the ticket. According to the story in the Daily Mail, he claimed it was his driver doing the speeding, but that he was only following instructions to "drive as fast as possible".

The fine was "settled," according to another document, but in what way is not clear.
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