Ford bricks up the Explorer with Lego

As kids, if we heard that some lucky so-and-so got to spend their whole working day making cars out of Lego then we would be really rather jealous.

As adults (sort of), we are still a bit jealous of the 22 guys at Ford who were taken aside by their boss and told: "Chaps, we need you to build an Explorer out of these little plastic bricks. Life sized."
The result is pretty ruddy cool, and incredibly representative of the real thing, from distance at least, although Lego fans might shudder at the moment in the video below where it's shown that glue is used to hold it all together. They'll never be able to take it apart and make an F1 car or a castle out of those bricks now.

You'd have been able to make a fair few other creations out of those bricks, too – there were more than 380,000 used in total, and the Explorer took more than 2,500 hours to piece together.

Perhaps inevitably, the build was not just for kicks, and was a PR stunt to mark the launch of Legoland in Florida, but this meant the whole thing was filmed and turned into this rather natty time-lapse video.

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